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A Bit About PGI

After twenty years in the legal profession, I stepped out of the box. Had to push some nails out of the top, but when the lid finally came off, the light was bright.

So bright in fact, that I decided to paint with it.


Armed with nothing more than a passion for exceeding expectations and an experienced eye for all things competition, Perfect Game Imaging was born.


Tens of thousands of hours behind the glass, in the classroom and pacing the sidelines later, I am proud to report that our work has been published, awarded, sought after and most importantly, added to the decor of the homes of the countless subjects of our focus.   

You see, this isn't a side job, it's not a small job and it has never been a hobby. Fact is, it's not a job at all. That's because loving to do something this much can't be considered work.


Much like life, this livlihood never stops moving forward. While it's impossible to shoot 24/7 (though I've tried), when i'm not shooting - I'm always thinking of a better way, a better light, a better angle, a better background and ultimately a better keepsake for our cherished customer.


With a pretty good handle on shooting unpredictable subjects at very high speed, the time came to photograph subjects at full stop. Thousands of athletes and hundreds of teams, leagues and schools later, PGI has set the bar in Upstate New York for team and individual portrait photography. What sets us apart? Frankly, quite a bit. Consider our sharp attention to detail, organization before, during and after the photo sessions and our unparalelled personal attention to  your organization's specific requirements.


Not that we're slowing down, but in 2010 our company further evolved into a recognized leader in the portrait field. We are very proud of the personal, relaxed and fun projects we have completed with hundreds of high school seniors, numerous families and a whole bunch of dogs, horses, cats and all things important to our customers.


So, whether its mounted posters of all of your team's football seniors, an 8 foot vinyl "fat head" of your daughter's first floor exercise, or a session of capturing  you, just being you, call us and lets think about how to make you a keepsake. 


I promise, all thinking will be out of the box.

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